Antigua Open Final Scoreboard




The Event

The purpose of the event is to help Antigua and Barbuda protect their coral reef ecosystems and create economic opportunities by developing a comprehensive community based plan to minimize the effects of invasive lionfish. The approach would target removal of shallow water lionfish (to recreational diving depths), as well as commercialization, which will incentivize public participation…… [Learn More]

For The Kids!

Lionfish Hunting Video Game Contest


Lionfish Control Plan for Antigua & Barbuda

As long as localized abundances of lionfish remain in the region, the potential for future population explosions remain.  The high reproductive output of lionfish makes for continuous recruitment potential. The lack of response actions that might control lionfish over large expanses of Antiguan and Barbudan reefs, combined with the lack of targeted fishing, enhances the likelihood of future negative impacts to the ecosystems they have invaded.

Many believe the spread of lionfish, which accelerated dramatically in 2000, is another milestone in the ongoing decline of reefs in the region.  Lionfish are indiscriminate feeders and reproduce prolifically. They consume large numbers of small or juvenile reef fish and small invertebrates.  In some locations, they have reduced reef diversity and dramatically decreased the abundance of native species. A major unanswered question is whether this invasion is one of the last straws, potentially dooming any chance for recovery of Atlantic and Caribbean reefs. [Learn More]

In Just A Few Decades!

A few decades ago there were not red dots on the map. Each red dot represents the location where large amounts of lionfish have been spotted. That means there are many lionfish eating even more reef fish. These reef fish are vital to the success of the reefs to maintain strong and healthy.

This map does not show the population explosion throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, and other areas across the Atlantic. It’s important to fight against the never-ending procreation of the lionfish. Unfortunately the only way to save the reef against them is with human intervention. …And that brings us to our Derby.

Please join us and help us take a bit out of the destructions that these lionfish are creating. Become a participant in our Derby, Donate your time, Come join the festival and get involved!