Lionfish Derby Schools Art Competition

The objective of this art competition is to raise awareness in the schools about the non-native Indo-Pacific lionfish and the far-reaching effects they have on our marine environment. The lionfish is edible once the poisonous spines are carefully removed. They are delicious to eat and nutritious. One major way to control their numbers is to learn more about them and to become their predator! “Eat them to beat them!”

For this competition, we invite students to design a poster showing the beauty of the lionfish, the effects it has on marine life, and how their numbers can be controlled. Be sure to include the tagline “Eat them to beat them” in the art-piece.


First Prize: ECD$1300

Second Prize: ECD$650

Third Prize: ECD$390

CATEGORIES 5-8 :: 9-13 :: 14-18

  • To be eligible your artwork should be no smaller than 11″x 11″ and no larger than 18″x18″. Ensure that the entry is in a ‘portrait’ layout.
  • One entry per student is permitted.
  • The entry can be a painting or a drawing, using pencil-crayons, markers, water colours or airbrush.
  • The following information should be clearly included at the back of the entry: “Antigua Barbuda Lionfish Derby Schools Art Competition”; Name; age; school; contact information; artist signature (if any). Please do not write any of this information on the front of the entry.


All artwork must be submitted to one of the following locations by 4:00 pm on Friday November 11th, 2022:

  • Antigua and Barbuda Hotels and Tourism Association, Island House, Newgate Street
  • Ministry of Tourism, Government Complex, Parliament Drive
  • Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, upstairs ACB Building, High Street


A six-member panel of judges will review and judge artwork entries. The judges’ decision will be final. Judging will close on Friday November 18th and winners will be announced before the end of the Lionfish Derby. PRIZES will be presented to the winners on November 20th at the LIONFISH festival  in Nelsons Dockyard  at  430 PM.  The  winning  paintings will  displayed on the  afternoon of the  the derby.