Expert on Lionfish Jewelry

Phil KarpPhil Karp is an expert on lionfish jewelry, having helped to develop the market for this product around the Caribbean and elsewhere. He has conducted lionfish jewelry workshops in Belize, Grenada, and Honduras and has written and lectured about this innovative approach to lionfish management at marine conservation conferences around the world. 

Phil Karp is an independent Citizen Scientist, ocean advocate, and film producer, formerly with the World Bank where he was a knowledge management and learning specialist. His research and advocacy work are focused on the interface between marine conservation and livelihoods, with particular emphasis on empowering and creating new income opportunities for women in coastal communities. He has been involved in various programs related to management of invasive lionfish since 2013, with particular focus on development of market-based solutions. He is currently spearheading production of a documentary film on women’s leadership in marine conservation. He is also actively involved in advocacy and awareness raising on the issue of marine litter/ocean plastic. He holds a Masters degree in Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley.