Antigua Lionfish Alliance

Meet the dedicated team of the Antigua Lionfish Alliance who are stepping up to help create a sustainable event for years to come. Get to know each individual and introduce yourself at the event. 

Martha Watkins Gilkes

Project Coordinator and Festival Administrator

Martha has been a leader in the diving community for over 35 years, based in Antigua. She has been involved in many [Learn More]

Dr. Steve Gittings

Chief Scientist and Festival Administrator

Steve has served as Chief Scientist for NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries since 1998 and was manager of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary [Learn More]

Ruleo Camacho

Marine Ecologist & Event Director

Ruleo has a BSc in Environmental Biology from Jamaica, and a double MSc in Marine Biology and Marine Policy from [Learn More]

Holden Harris

Data Collection & Weigh-in Leads

Holden Harris is a PhD student at the University of Florida, where his dissertation research is currently studying capacity and strategies for [Learn More]

Stacy Frank

Project Co-Coordinator and Media

Stacy has been an avid diver for 45 years and has an enduring passion for ocean conservation. She co-founded Lionfish University [Learn More]

Mehgan Heaney-Grier

Project Educator, Spokesperson, Freedive Event

Mehgan is an accomplished science communicator, conservationist, model, and television personality. Her background [Learn More]

Scott Gonnello

Website, Registration & Admin Support

Scott’s Lionfish Central provides essential technology services to nonprofits and for profit businesses who are working to [Learn More]

Rachel Bowman

Data Collection & Weigh-in Leads

Rachel Lynn Bowman has been involved in the fight against invasive lionfish since 2012. She has provided data and specimens [Learn More]

Jim Hart

Project Documentarian and Media

Jim is a professional screenwriter and producer, with an impressive list of successful cinematic hits, including the movies [Learn More]

Alexander Fogg

Marine Biologist, Invasive Lionfish Specialist and Event Director

Alex is the Marine Resource Coordinator for Okaloosa County, Florida. His background in invasive lionfish stems from the [Learn More]

Allie ElHage

Registration, Support, Education & Training

Allie is the founder of Sarasota-based Zookeeper, designed a puncture-resistant containment device to [Learn More]