Scott Gonnello

Website, Registration, and Administrative Support

Scott’s experience with aquatics and technology has led him to his current role supporting efforts to reduce invasive lionfish populations threatening our waters. He is uniquely qualified to find solutions on a grand scale and can create effective online solutions in a quick and efficient manner. Scott has been scuba diving since 1979 and started writing software since the early 1980’s. Since then he has invented an aquarium filtration system, authored 2 business books, created and given workshops and seminars throughout the world and now is the CEO of Lionfish Central, Inc. He provides essential technology services to nonprofits and for profit businesses who are working to eradicate lionfish. These services include web development, software development, ecommerce, analytic consulting, internet marketing, workshops and more. As a conservationist, Scott uses his business experience to help make a difference where it is needed most – the technical side.