Here is an excerpt from a blog written 10 years ago! There have been efforts long ago but not recently. Unfortunately the lionfish population has exploded and is causing major damage on our reefs!

“…back in July of 2010. It’s interesting to see where we are now in just three years.

Taken from the Advenrures in Antigua blog:
From island to island all the way from Florida along the West Indian archipelago the Pacific Lionfish has migrated up current. The story is that this very dangerous alien species first first got into the waters off Florida during the disastrous Hurricane Andrew back in 1992. I don’t think there were many people who thought we would see them here. Just over a week ago The Nature Foundation St. Maarten reported that a specimen had been spotted on a wreck very close to shore.

Why is this terrible news and why do i describe them as “very dangerous”?

I describe them as dangerous for several reasons. The lesser evil is that they have a very painful sting…..”

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