If Reefs Could Talk Series

Sunday Afternoon

1:00 “If Reefs Could Talk” by Dr. Steve Gittings
What is going on with coral reefs in the western Atlantic and what can we do about it?

1:20 “The Changing Seascape” by Alex Fogg
Lionfish biology and ecology, and how nature is responding.

1:40 “Go Green Eat Red Lionfish” by Stacy Frank and Jim Hart
There may be a silver lining in the lionfish invasion. Hear about Lionfish University’s role in spreading the word, generating action, and looking for solutions.

2:00 “Jewelry Making and Business Building” by Phil Karp
Lionfish are not just for eating. They offer artistic and economic opportunities

2:30 “The State of Lionfish traps” by Holden Harris
Traps could allow commercial fishers to supplement their income with lionfish while protecting native fish.

2:50 “The ZooKeeper Story” by Allie El Hage
Meet the entrepreneur who made it possible for the rest of us to help make a difference in the battle to protect the Caribbean.

3:10 “The Evolution of Freediving and One of Its Pioneers” by Mehgan Heaney-Grier
Hear the personal story of this record-breaking freediver and how her sport helped change our conservation ethic.

3:30 “Parrotfish in Antigua” by Ruleo Camacho
Find out why parrotfish are so important to coral reef health and what happens without them.

3:50 “Dolphin Dilemma” by Martha Watkins-Gilkes
This is the story of marine mammals in captivity in Antigua and Barbuda.

4:10 “Green Fins” by TBD
Learn how this program promotes sustainable diving and snorkeling and reduces the environmental impacts of tourism.